About Me

Shadi and Wendy Haddad

Wendy Haddad is a Service Manager at a Fortune 500 entertainment company. Over the past four years, she has challenged employees to think differently about the way they work and the tools they use.  As a Customer Success Manager, Wendy led hundreds of webinars, classes, and workshops and she recently transitioned to a new role as a decision maker working to create strategic roadmaps to help empower employees with the technologies in her portfolio.  In a previous role, she created and managed the Educational Technology department at The Master’s University in California, where she led the transition to a new Learning Management System that impacted over 1,000 faculty, administrators, and students.


Wendy is passionate about personal and team productivity, and often helps friends and coworkers become more productive in their personal and professional lives.  The Getting Things Done Methodology became a regular childhood study as part of her home school curriculum, and Wendy credits these skills with helping her achieve a double major and double minor and graduating Summa Cum Laude, as well as contributing to her early success in the workplace.

Learning has always been one of Wendy’s favorite pastimes and she is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to improve herself.  In addition, she enjoys many creative outlets including music, competitive robotics, knitting, wood burning and, pop-up cards.

Wendy lives in sunny Southern California with the love of her life, Shadi Haddad, who works as a doctor of physical therapy.