5 Observations to Improve Discipline

“Discipline equals freedom” – Jocko Willink

That bold statement by Jocko Willink on the Tribe of Mentors podcast resonated deeply with me and sent me on what is becoming a year-long journey to understand the meaning of discipline and better apply those principles in all areas of my life (not just productivity). Inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s podcast, Happier I set “Discipline” as my one-word theme of the year.

Throughout the past six months, I’ve been struck by five observations about discipline:

Discipline needs a positive reward

Discipline is inherently hard.  It’s the act of denying ourselves something now for future benefit.  Charles Duhigg shares that every habit has a reward that reinforces that habit in our brains. We can effectively change our habits and be more disciplined by being intentional with how we use those rewards.  My favorite example of this is the jar of chocolates Duhigg has on his desk that he can only eat from once he’s finished a weekly review.


4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Starting a Blog

Photo credit Damon Duncan, Creative Commons

I have been blogging ever since I was nine years old.  Yes that’s right, nine years old!  We setup a blog for our robotics team, the LEGO Imagineers and I became a regular contributor there and for our family blog. 

Initially I was skeptical of the value of blogging and it felt like a chore, but over the years I’ve become convinced of the value of blogging.  I often see posts that promise incredible financial benefits from blogging, but I want to share five other reasons why I found blogging to be invaluable:


How to View All Student’s Grades on a Single Page in Canvas

I currently work as the Educational Technology Manager at The Master’s University.  Over this past year I have headed an extensive project to transition from our old Learning Management System (LMS), Joule (Moodle), to our new LMS, Canvas.  It was quite an incredible learning opportunity – especially since the transition was mostly completed in just over four months! – and I hope to blog more about what I learned in the near future.  In the meantime I wanted to share a quick time-saving Canvas tip:

The Problem:

Our academic counselors and advisers were spending too much of  time trying to track down what their student’s overall grades were in Canvas.  This was significantly limiting the time they actually had available to advise and assist the student.  Logging in as the student was too time consuming.

The Solution: