How to View All Student’s Grades on a Single Page in Canvas

I currently work as the Educational Technology Manager at The Master’s University.  Over this past year I have headed an extensive project to transition from our old Learning Management System (LMS), Joule (Moodle), to our new LMS, Canvas.  It was quite an incredible learning opportunity – especially since the transition was mostly completed in just over four months! – and I hope to blog more about what I learned in the near future.  In the meantime I wanted to share a quick time-saving Canvas tip:

The Problem:

Our academic counselors and advisers were spending too much of  time trying to track down what their student’s overall grades were in Canvas.  This was significantly limiting the time they actually had available to advise and assist the student.  Logging in as the student was too time consuming.

The Solution:

One of our programmers discovered that by editing the URL with the student’s ID, we were quickly able to view their current course totals in one place without having to log in as the student. The user ID can be found by searching the user’s account and grabbing the last set of numbers in the URL.


Once you find the ID, plug it into the following URL:  https://YOUR INSTITUTION’S CANVAS LINK/users/USER ID/grades.  For example:

Once you hit “enter” you’ll be able to view your student’s course totals.


Clicking on each of the course names will take you to a detailed breakdown of each gradebook.


I highly recommend creating an excel spreadsheet with your student names and hyperlinks to this page.  The time you invest to do this process once could save you a tremendous amount of time in the future.

I’d love to see Canvas create an easier, built-in feature for this in the future, but for now the workaround helps.

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