What it’s like to grow up in a GTD household

Eric Mack and Wendy Haddad at the GTD Summit

The Getting Things Done methodology has provided tremendous value to so many drowning professionals over the past several years, but have you ever wondered what it was like to grow up in a GTD household? I’ve had the privilege of being trained in the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology since I was a little girl.

My family’s a little “Type A”, and as I grew up around the time GTD was being developed, my parents decided to run an experiment with their homeschooling family and tack on Productivity 101 as an extra “subject” in school (Thanks, Dad). I fell in and out of love with GTD as I grew up, but once I hit university, I was shocked to realized that the habits I was taking for granted were missing in many of my peers.

These principles have given me a way to look at the world where things aren’t daunting. Whether competitive robotics, winning a scholarship, or creating and managing a brand new department, I learned how to break complex things down into smaller tasks, create actionable plans to complete them, and regularly review to ensure I am on track. As I shared during the GTD Summit, we often tell kids to do great things, but GTD and other productivity principles help prepare them to do great things.

Want to hear more? I had the privilege of sharing my story on the stage of the GTD Summit along with David Allen, Eric Mack, and Mike Williams Watch our session and I’d love to hear your productivity story in the comments below.

GTD Summit Panel: David Allen, Eric Mack, Wendy Haddad, Mike Williams

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